The Lisa's Lacies Story

Lisa's Lacies began in 1993 from humble beginnings at home to a large thriving manufacturing and retail sales store. Lisa personally struggled to find elegant, flattering lingerie for size 26 curves and resorted to designing and making it for herself. When she realized how amazing it felt to have lingerie that fit and felt sexy, she decided to start making garments for other ladies like herself.

What was borne from a personal need, quickly turned into a passion. Lisa employed some seamstresses, bought some fabric and elastic and so Lisa’s Lacies was born!

Curvy women came from near and far once word got out that there IS a choice for their curves available.
Lisa’s home studio didn’t last long and before she knew it, Lisa was searching for a retail premises complete with manufacturing space on-site. Lisa’s moved into a warehouse in Moresby Avenue, Seaford and it wasn’t long before she outgrew that too! Hartnett Drive, Seaford was our home from 1995 until 2009 when we relocated to the largest store yet our current home in Klauer Street, Seaford.