May 2017 - Extra comfort with a little liner... 

Well, we have well and truly come to the end of Autumn with the Winter weather now upon us in Melbourne. Lucky for you we have lots of lovely tops and jackets available, ready to stock up your wardrobe as we all know these cooler months are all about layering ladies! Clothing aside, another little genius invention we are absolutely loving at the moment are the new Therapeutix Wash and Wear Bra Liners.

We cannot begin to tell you how wonderful these little liners are. Good bye under breast rash and uncomfortable bras! These hidden gems are flying off the shelf! We sold out in 2 weeks! But have now had another shipment in so never fear!

You know that bra in the bottom of your lingerie draw that you never wear because it doesn't give you the support you need? Or it digs into your rib cage? Well, these little bra liners are the answer! They are truly wonderful providing both support and comfort all while preventing the bra digging in. The Therapeutix bra liners are wonderful to wear at night, in fact, they just have so many benefits! They keep you dry between & under your breasts, they keep your bra dry, they help extend the life of your bra and they help avoid bra discolouring.

Once you have worn one you will not be without one.  Hot tip - we suggest you buy two so when you wash one you have the other one to wear! Trust us, you're are going to love them!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,  

April 2017 - No more washing woes!

Wow! What a huge couple of weeks it's been at Lisa's Lacies! So many beautiful designs arriving daily including a new exciting range called Therapeutix. We absolutely love their Health Wellbeing Washbag. So many other wash bags are $10 - $15 and they are so tiny! The Therapeutix bags are a wonderful size that actually fit all of your bras at once and not only that, they do not catch on the fabric which leaves them in tip top condition.  We also love the zip cover on the bag which helps prevent the zip catching on the washing too. We just absolutely love these washing bags and the best news is... they are only $5.95! Available instore or online, get yourself one today! We love them and know you will too.

Have a fabulous weekend gorgeous people,

March 2017 - Why go back when you can go front?

I can't believe it's the end of March! I say it every year but honestly, where do the weeks go?! Easter school holidays are upon us! The perfect opportunity to load the kids into the car and venture down to Seaford if you don't live local. Stop into Lisa's Lacies for a quick spot of shopping (we have some choccies if you need to bribe the kids!) then venture into Frankston where there is heaps to do for kids as does the neighboring Mornington Peninsula.

While you're in store, why not ask the girls about our front opening bras? Do you have sore shoulders or restricted arm movement? Perhaps you suffer from arthritis? I know from experience that these conditions plus many others can make doing up a bra extremely difficult! Well the good news is that we have any number of front opening bras to help you, going up to size 28G.

Our front open bras allow you to clip up at the front, no stretching behind your back or doing the twisty loopy loop from front to back! Front opening bras really gives you your independence back instead of having to have someone else do up your bra for you. Our front opening bras have been a real help for people with frozen shoulders or any number of medical problems and we just know you are going to love these 'freedom' bras as much as we do.

Have a fabulous weekend gorgeous people,

February 2017 - Road trips & new stock...

Wow! What a week! I am sooo tired! The Valentines rush may be over but love is still in the air! We have had so many new shipments arrive over the past week, we would love for you to come on down and see what's new! There are some really different, beautiful bras available to 24H, new tops and new dressing gowns, just to name a few.

I have also just arrived back from a road trip to Sydney with my lovely friend Keryl to purchase fabric for the shop (the things we!) We enjoyed a beautiful breakfast in Goulburn followed by a scrumptious lunch at Cherry Tree Hill Winery before taking in the views from Gundagai!

It's important to me to ensure I'm getting the best product possible for my customers so despite the long drive it was worth it to see, touch and feel the fabrics before I purchase them for the store.

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

February 2017 - Love is in the air

Valentines Day is just around the corner so we have been working our little tooshies off to ensure all of our beautiful new stock is out on the floor ready for your viewing/buying pleasure! It's safe to say the shop is looking very.....RED!  

We just love Valentines Day here at Lisa's Lacies and find it just so gorgeous when people come in to buy something sweet for their special someone. Some men who pop in are embarrassed beyond belief (don't worry! we don't bite!) where others stride in and take over the place with such confidence it's unbelievable! Deciding on their purchases as quickly as buying a loaf of bread! Whether you are a little bit shy or full of beans, we are here to help you select that perfect something for your love.

Now, just a little word of advice...if you can, sneak into your partners lingerie draw and see what size she is, you don't want your purchase to be too small and you don't want to be in trouble if you buy it too big! Valentines Day is really such a lovely time of the year, love really is in the air and we just love it!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

January 2017 - A lifelong customer

Many of our customers have been coming to our store for years. We just love seeing their familiar smiling faces, many of whom have become life long friends of mine. The girls recently served a customer who we used to serve while she was still at school.

We then helped her find a new bra when she got engaged, corsetry when she was married and now a maternity bra as she expects her first baby! How lovely is that! Just goes to show how loyal our customers are and how dedicated we are in ensuring they find the right fitting bra and clothing as they journey through life.

Oh, and we also love hearing "the latest" of what is happening in our customers lives! Someone always has an exciting story or some exciting news to share! So much fun! Perhaps you used to come in and say hello but online shopping is easier for you now? Well don't be a stranger! We would love to see your smiling face and have a good old chinwag with you! Everyone is always welcome at Lisa's Lacies.

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

January 2017 - Happy Birthday to us!

As I sit here, working at my computer, I start to become nostalgic as I think about how I started Lisa's Lacies 22 Years ago this coming Friday.  Boy what a ride, there have been highs and lows, but the very vast majorities have been highs thank goodness. What a long way we have come...I cannot tell you how poor I was when I started, 6 weeks holiday pay was it! However with the passion I had for plus size women and the changes of attitude needed within society, I always knew that Lisa's Lacies would work.

It has not at all been all smooth sailing, however I have never lost sight of my goals and I have always persevered to ensure I achieved them. One of the joys of owning my own business has been the opportunity to make so many friends during the past 22 years, some are customers, some business associates, many will be my friends for the rest of my life. I am so grateful as I sit and think of all the lovely people I have met.

Nothing gives me a bigger high than serving the customers that come into our store who have never seen such wonderful colours and styles in their size before. I love to see tears, and often I have reverted to tears when this happens as well! Sooky la la I know but I honestly feel such happiness for them, everyone deserves to look and feel amazing no matter what their body shape. 

This past 22 years has gone by so quickly and no doubt the next 12 months will be faster than ever as we implement some major changes to the business and hit the USA and UK markets hard - a high priority for this coming year.

So to all of you, my darling loyal customers, I say thank you. Thank you for supporting my crazy idea that started in my lounge room all those years ago, thank you for supporting me every year since and thank you for making me smile and laugh and cry (happy tears!) as I continue to grow Lisa's Lacies to ensure we are the best plus size, Australian designed and manufactured retail store in the world! 

Well, I had better get off this computer and get back to work - but first of all I need to order a big cake for this Friday! Our 22nd Birthday!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

January 2017 - Happy New Year!

We are so excited to welcome in 2017!  Our year in 2016 was nothing short of amazing, with the Double Divas coming to Australia in February and with many, many media stories in magazines within Australia and overseas, the doors to the USA market are well and truly opened to us, having traveled to Dallas in June. We also had many other sweet things happen including the birth of Grandchild number three, our little Hazel, it doesn't get much better! We would like to send our love and good wishes to you and your families for 2017 and wish you the same enjoyment as we are also looking forward to.

Now to the fun things... our gorgeous stock for 2017! We absolutely love these suspender belts as there is a few little secrets to them that nobody but you and I need to be any the wiser too!  This suspender is designed to sit longer than the normal suspender belt, and as an added bonus, it has a built in control that is extremely comfortable and holds you in all the right places! We absolutely love the burlesque look which can team with anything. This suspender is Australian Made, goes to size 34, and is only $39.95! Amazing! See more by following this link -

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

5th December 2016

What a gorgeous week it has been! Summer is officially here, the weather is heating up, the nights are so much longer (perfect excuse to fire up the BBQ!) and the best news of all, a lovely little Grandaughter was welcomed into our family on Friday, Hazel Jean, 8lb 1oz - squishy newborn baby cuddles are just the best!

The shop has also had a great week with some stunning new summer stock arriving - the clothes this season are just divine, so many patterns and bright feel good colours, coming in from both suppliers and Australian made right here in store for our 'Lisa's Lacies' own brand. One item that we make here which is ever so popular and that I personally find myself wearing all the time is our Boob Tubes.

Boob Tubes are perfect to wear under those summer tops that you love so much but, being summer so less material, they can be just that little bit too revealing... Well, come and check out our boob tubes. They are really wonderful and so easy to wear, simply slip over the top of your bra, pop your favourite summer top over the top and voila! Revealing cleavage be gone!

So good for summer, they look as though you are wearing another top underneath but it's just the boob tube so it prevents overheating (which may happen if you had to wear a singlet etc...) they do not move all day and they look so nice - hopefully we will see you in store soon so we can show you for ourselves!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

28th November 2016

My soul purpose of starting Lisa's Lacies all those years ago was to help others. Admittedly, it started off
with helping myself as I could not find any nice lingerie in my size hence making my own! But since then it has bought nothing but joy to my heart to see the looks on other women's faces when they finally purchase a pair of knickers or bra in their size - something they may have never experienced before.

It wasn't until the other day in the store that I also realised what a problem it is to purchase full slips in bigger sizes. I had an absolutely lovely couple come in who were looking for a full slip for their daughter (who herself was getting migraines from the stress of trying to find one!) They had been absolutely everywhere but there was just nothing out there in her size for them to purchase for her (what a beautiful mum and dad by the way, trying to help their daughter)

Luckily we were able to assist them with their search and they walked out a very happy couple, assuring me their daughter was going to be absolutely over the moon that we had been able to help.  Does this sound all too familiar? Are you looking for something in particular but just can't seem to find it anywhere? A slip? Control briefs? A corset perhaps? Well, we can help!

Honestly, there hasn't been someone come in that we couldn't assist yet! Please contact us if you require anything custom made or are just at your wits end searching for that perfect something... we are here to help and want to make sure all of our customers leave our store feeling amazing, we care about you and are here to assist.

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

21st November 2016

We're all going on a, Summer holiday... Well, not Summer for me (business owner, retail, Christmas, busiest time of the get the point!) But I do love escaping on a little vacay whenever I can whether it be with my family, girlfriends or by myself (for complete R&R!) So here are a couple of my fave travelling tips that I think are super handy and the best thing is they save space in my suitcase which we all know is a good excuse to go shopping before you come home!

TIP 1 - About a month or two before I travel, when I start to notice that I am getting down low in my shampoo and conditioner bottles, I put them aside for when I go on holiday (this is once there is just the right amount to take with me.) Then, whilst on holidays, I use these 1/2 empty bottles and then simply dispose of them there.  No bringing home 1/2 full bottles!

TIP 2 - When your knickers are getting to the end of their life, hold them aside for holidays. Sounds weird I know because of course it is always nice to buy new ones for when you go away, but if you are only in the hotel room for 1-2 nights then simply pack your knickers that are nearly ruined and then once worn, simply throw them out instead of bringing them home to wash! Then, once you're home, you can pop into Lisa's Lacies to stock up on some nice new underwear as a special treat! Too easy!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

14th November 2016

I have just returned from a little family vacay in Tassie - one of my most favourite holiday spots in Australia. Although the weather was less than desirable most days, we still made the most of our time, renting a gorgeous little beach front house, spending our days puzzle making and wine drinking! Complete R&R, just what the doctor ordered before coming home ready to head into the crazy "business" end of the year being Summer and Christmas!

I know, I know, it's hard to believe but Summer is officially just 2.5 weeks away! Have you got your summer wardrobe sorted? Camisoles are really popular at the moment, lucky Lisa's Lacies have a huge number of colors and styles available and with lace being such a big statement at the moment, it's lucky ours are all laced to the max!  

Where once cami's where traditionally hidden under clothes, just showing a little hint of lace at the cleavage, this season they are being worn as outer wear! Try wearing with a t-shirt underneath over a pair of your favourite jeans (very nineties which is very fashionable right now) or maybe by itself as a dress with a cardigan or shirt over the top.  

Our very own Lisa's Lacies cami's are such a great price ranging from $34.95 to $39.95, for an Australian made great quality product, this purchase is a no brainer!  I have owned and worn one of my cami's for over 20 years now and it is still just like brand new!

Come in and visit the girls to get properly fitted or shop online, don't forget we ship worldwide! 

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

7th November 2016

The nicer weather is slowly making an appearance which is getting me excited about Spring/Summer fashion for 2016! We just love this time of year, there are so many new fashions hitting the store, our racks are constantly changing and being updated. This year at the Dallas fashion shows we saw lace, lace and lace! And a personal favourite of mine - bling!

Although I always seem to revert back to boring old black, the current trend is color and more color being a mixture of both brights & pastels! What a combination!  Sequins are also in! So between lace and bling and sequins and colour, there is sure to be something in store that will suit everyone's taste!

What ever your style, make it your own, get out there and have fun! We are all about women having body confidence and being body positive!  

Here at Lisa's Lacies we don't just stock bras and knickers! We have a wide range of gorgeous clothing from tops to skirts, dresses to resort wear - come in and check it out for yourself!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

31st October 2016

Well what a busy week we have had here at Lisa's Lacies! With the Kate Fischer story breaking in New Idea (and didn't she look just absolutely gorgeous kitted out in Lisa's Lacies lingerie!), our big photo shoot with Naomie from Shot Photography, shooting pics for our website and a top secret project we are currently working on which is super duper exciting (all to be revealed soon!) Today being Halloween and tomorrow being Melbourne Cup Day, my goodness that is some week!

We have had a really big response from our lovely customers to our Halloween costumes this year, so it's safe to say we will definitely be running with them every year from now on! I just absolutely love Halloween and I cannot tell you the excitement of walking around the streets tonight with  my lovely son and my two beautiful grandchildren, I love watching their little faces as they wait with anticipation to see if the person answering the door is going to give them a lolly or not (and the excited squeals that follow if they do!)

And of course, we cannot forget tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day! Such a big day for Melbourne and like they say, it really is the race that stops the nation! We have all your Spring Racing needs right under one roof! Our control items are Australian designed and made right here at Lisa's Lacies and let me tell you right now, our control briefs don't just smooth out those little bumps, they literally alter your shape, giving you a little added boost of confidence in your gorgeous Spring Racing outfits. You also might not be aware that we stock strapless bras right up to H cup as well as a huge number of gorgeous corsetry items.  

Remember Christmas, New Years and office parties are all just around the corner so don't leave it to the last minute to purchase your new undergarments to go with your party frocks ladies!

Happy Halloween and Happy Melbourne Cup Day to you all, until next week...

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

24th October 2016

What an interesting week it has been here at Lisa's Lacies! Unbeknownst to us, we had a celebrity grace us with her presence when Tziporah Malkah (previously known as Kate Fischer) and her stylist visited our store to purchase all of her lingerie for her "New Idea" photo shoot which hit the shelves today.

Tziporah, who has previously insisted she is a private person who wants to stay out of the media,  has said to have done the story to "inspire other women" to flaunt their curves and to counteract the terrible headlines which have been floating about, savagely attacking her for her weight gain since her modelling and acting days.

Well, I for one think that Tziporah looks amazing and we couldn't be any prouder that she chose Lisa's Lacies to show off her amazing new body.
We wish her nothing but love and happiness and good on her for getting out there and showing the media that she can still look sexy despite a larger body shape.

I saw the nasty article that another magazine published about Tziporah which made her look much bigger than she really is, obviously deliberately using unflattering photos of her. New Idea has done an amazing job to showcase Tziporah for who she really and she looks fantastic.

Sometimes the media really shut downs plus size models and we all know there is no need for that! Body confidence, Bosy positive ladies!

Watch Video -

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

17th October 2016

If you were born in the 1960's and developed a larger bust then you will completely understand my logic when I confess my dislike for a skin tone bra!
Throughout the 1960's and even the 1970's for that matter, skin tone bras were all that was available for girls with a larger bust and this is exactly the reason why I started Lisa's Lacies all those years ago! I was frustrated! Why should women such as myself be limited to what colour bra we could wear?! We wanted to feel sexy too! These days, although skin tone bras are much nicer than "back in the old days", I still can't shake a yucky sinking feeling when I see them!  

Another major reason I started Lisa's Lacies (over 20 years ago now!!) was the lack of sizes for big busted women. I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say there was only very basic sizes around such as 10 to 14, A, B, C and if you were lucky, a D and if you were even luckier, a big old DD! (hard to believe nowadays I know!) I remember with great excitement, the joy I felt when the original Maggie T range hit stores, oh it was lovely, and what a treat being able to buy a black bra! And an even bigger treat when they would stock a special navy coloured bra! I would almost camp out to get one of those LOL!! 

Fast forward to 2016 and Lisa's Lacies now stocks 54 sizes! It's amazing to reflect on just how far our store and the lingerie industry has come! We now literally cater for everyone and we have not come across a women we haven't been able to fit yet!

With bras now available in almost any colour of the rainbow, do yourself a favour and come in store for a proper bra fitting. Trust us, if you are still wearing a skin tone bra (shivering at the thought!) you will be so surprised at the difference a coloured bra can make, not only to your appearance but your confidence! Our professionally trained bra consultants are ready and waiting to give you all the advice you need.

HOT TIP - If you have a lot of skin toned bras because you wear white a lot, we will let you in on a little can actually wear RED under white and not see it!  I know! I didn't believe it either until I tried it for myself, but yes it is true!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

10th October 2016

Imagine the humiliation, pain and fear that women experience when they’re sleeping rough and their period arrives. They often have nothing. Well, thanks to Melbourne charity "Melbourne Period Project" these women can now access the products and help they require. The hope of Melbourne Period Project is to provide care, support and sanitary products for homeless women.

Christmas is just around the corner (and if you are anything like me, it seems to come around quicker every year!) So this festive season we are doing our bit to help this wonderful charity who help local ladies in refuges and sleeping rough. 

The ladies from Melbourne Period Project volunteer all their time for free and do such a wonderful job for the ladies that are doing it hard.  We at Lisa's Lacies have been doing our part throughout the year, donating items we have purchased and that many of our lovely customers have dropped off to us. 

If you too would like to donate anything that is small enough to be placed in a back pack, (it must be new such as body/spray body/products, sanitary items (tampons and pads), sunglasses, hair products, hair brushes, hair combs, torches, tissue packs, etc) you can do so by dropping them into us at our Klauer St store and we will happily ensure the ladies at Melbourne Period Project receive them to pass on to women in need. 

These items are so gratefully accepted, Melbourne Period Project is such a feel good project and if we can give just a little, it will make a world of difference to someone that is hard on their luck.

For more information visit

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

3rd October 2016

Oh October how I love thee! No more football (ok, admittedly that is a little bit sad!) but the flowers are blooming, the nights are longer and the warmer weather is creeping in! And what a week it was to finish September on a high! Of course the Bulldogs winning the AFL Grand Final was just so exciting, then of course we had the NRL Grand Final and alas, our beloved Melbourne Storm couldn't quite hold onto the win but I was just as excited for Cronulla, winning their first ever Premiership because I do love a good underdog story!

School returned today with daylight savings turning the clocks forward...Ahhh! I am so tired!! But I just keep telling myself, it's natures way of preparing us for what is about to happen in our lives and that's the SILLY SEASON!! Can you believe it is just 13 weeks until the end of the year! Which means 12 weeks until Christmas! Throw Spring Carnival and more school holidays into the mix, oh my goodness we had better prepare ourselves!  

Christmas does guarantee one thing though and that's hot summer weather and new stock! I have been looking at my suppliers catalogues over the weekend and let me tell you right now, there is some amazing pieces coming out including some gorgeous Christmas outfits which are due to hit our shelves within the next 2 weeks so get ready to get organised ladies!

I don't know about you but every year I end up running around like a mad women trying to find outfits and undergarments and corsetry for all of the functions and events I attend over summer. Well, no more running (because running is so overrated anyway! hehe!) This year I am going to be super organised, plan in advance and purchase my outfits with time to spare so when the events come along, I can simply focus on applying a little lippy before enjoying myself with a glass of bubbles! If I can do it - you can too!

Pop into the store and have a chat to our lovely girls about what outfits you need to put together (don't forget wearing the correct bra, knickers and corsetry can make such a difference to your overall look) then by the time that first invite appears in your mailbox you'll be feeling fresh, confident and ready to go!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

26th September 2016

Finals fever has hit Melbourne! I don't know about you but I am still on an absolute high after watching Western Bulldogs v GWS on the weekend! Oh my goodness what a game! We can only hope that the Grand Final is as good as that, with of course our Victoria team the Bulldogs being the victors! Let's face it, everyone loves an underdog to win and I think that even if you usually support another team throughout the year, for this weekend only you need to have your fingers and everything else crossed for the Bullies to win after 64 years!  

I also have another reason I would love the Bulldogs to win and that's due to their inspirational Vice President Susan Alberti. I absolutely loved watching (and holding onto every word!) of Susan's at the recent Frankston Business Women's Luncheon I attended. Susan is a lady of courage, a successful businesswomen and philanthropist who captivated the room with her passionate life story and her heart for the new AFL women's league which she has helped spearhead

Susan left myself and many others in the room in tears after her speech. She has really influenced me in a big way, I just think she is truly a wonderful person and so I'll be thinking of Susan this Saturday as the Bulldogs hopefully take home the Premiership Cup!

Now, when Grand Final Day is over, you know what happens don't you? The weather all of a sudden becomes consistently lovely as we launch into October and before you know it those summery tops and dresses are again shown the light of day. This means it is time to clean out your lingerie draw ladies and bring your second hand bras into us (or you can even post them) so we can donate them to the gorgeous ladies of Fiji via "Uplift Project Fiji".

For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. Uplift collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever they have requests! What an amazing initiative! We can all vouch for the fact that getting a new bra is like having a great new hair cut, you don't actually realise until it is done how much better you feel! So start sorting and donating girls!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

19th September 2016

We recently had a customer pop into the store who was after something special to wear for a night out. She had a very limited budget though so couldn't afford the whole kit and kaboodle when it came to bra, knickers, clothing etc... 

What people don't realise though is that you don't need to buy a whole new outfit of lingerie for a special night out. We understand that sometimes funds are tight, or you may already have a lot of lingerie in your lingerie draw.

The best thing about our store is that we stock variety (not just bras and knickers!) This means you can come on in and simply choose a few little pieces to go with something you already have at home. 

One of the most simple "put togethers" is wearing an existing black bra and briefs then adding some gorgeous lacey stay up stockings and a lace jacket...viola! An instant sexy look without breaking the budget!

Not only that, you can then mix and match these two pieces with other negligees or baby dolls you own, making even more outfits without spending a fortune!

We currently have a gorgeous range of sexy stay up stockings available both in store and online, come on in and speak with one of our lovely stylists who will instantly help you feel feminine and glamorous!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

12th September 2016

Going to the chapel and we're, going to get married....Are you getting married in the near future?  Have you got your corsetry organised? What a lot of people don't realise is that you actually need to organise your corsetry before your dress!

Most brides actually think that it is the other way around but good corsetry alters the shape of your body so much that if you buy your dress first and then your corsetry, your dress will end up being too big for you and you will need to alter your dress which can be a very costly exercise!

We prefer our brides to come into the shop at least 3 months before the wedding. Planning weddings can be very stressful and you don't want to leave things to the last minute, while we hold a very large stock of bridal corsetry (there is 54 sizes in our range!!) we can run out from time to time of certain sizes or color ways so it's best to come in early and get everything fitted properly.  

For 21 years now we have shocked brides with what we can do, your wedding dress is such an important factor of your big day and the corsetry makes the fitting of your dress and the fall of the fabric unbelievably different, come in and see us so we can ensure everything is absolutely perfect on your special day.

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

6th September 2016 

Spring has finally sprung and what a start it has been. Sunny, longer days and the crisp morning air seems to be slowly disappearing! Hooray! We have had a great week in the shop with lots of our gorgeous regular customers stopping by to say hello. We have also had some lovely customers come by who have had some very specific requirements due to recently experiencing the full effects of breast cancer.

What many people don't know is that we at Lisa's Lacies are actually experienced mastectomy fitters and have been so for the past 5 years. We have a specialised fitting room especially set aside for our customers that need a lovely, warm welcome with this space designed to make all women feel extra special.  

The room is decorated in hot pink (of course!) and gold and is serviced by our beautifully trained staff that are warm and understanding, helping women who may be feeling vulnerable and nervous about their fitting feel relaxed and comfortable. Customers love that we understand and that we can help them to feel so much better about themselves than when they first arrived.  

With so many specialised styles and products now available, including swimwear, low heat and low weight items there is truly something to fit everyone. If this is a service that you or someone you know requires, we are the place to go.

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

29th August 2016

Aches and niggles...yes, unfortunately they do come as part of the package as we get older but it's definitely not normal to be experiencing strong or painful niggles in your back on a daily basis. If this is you, don't reach for the painkillers just yet! The team here at Lisa's Lacies may just have the perfect solution for you!

While we are not doctors by any stretch of the imagination, we know the following recommendation works and that's because we use it ourselves. Two words, control briefs. Trust us, start wearing a pair of our control briefs and that little niggle in your back will magically disappear. That's because our control briefs are designed to help perfect your posture, supporting the lower back whilst slimming the tummy area helping you to stand up straighter and walk with defined confidence.

Our control briefs are seriously the best and we don't mind tooting our own trumpet here because we are proud to say it, it's true. Some other brands may say theirs are the best but we guarantee ours are way better and not only that, they are 100% Australian made.  

Our control briefs don't just stop at your waist (making that nice little muffin top roll on the top!) our control briefs go right up to just under your bra leaving a smooth, bump free silhouette.  They are truly fantastic, they are also so strong, not just pantyhose like so many are, these things are like seat belts! and trust us, they really work and the best thing is they will last you for ever (in fact we often laugh to ourselves and say that they are detrimental to our cash flow because they last too long! LOL!) 

So next time you have a niggle, or a twinge and your doctor advises it's just old age, don't reach for the painkillers - come in and see us to be fitted for a pair of control briefs which will quite simply, change your life. We all wear them - you should too!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

22nd August 2016

Well after a beautiful week of Spring weather here in Seaford, the cooler days and nights have returned, reminding us that we will still need to wait a few more weeks before we can settle into t-shirts and dresses - that's Melbourne for you!

We had such a laugh last week with a visit from Helen and Lisa, two local mamas behind the website Mama loves to share ( . These two can only make you smile as they cracked jokes and had a giggle while making an in-store video of Helen having a maternity bra fitting with Marinda. The results were amazing! Now wearing the correct size bra, Helen feels more confident and is no longer pulling, prodding and adjusting her straps every 5 mins! Check out the video -

We also had some great success last week helping a special client with what can only be described as an SOS bra emergency! We are finding just recently that there is such a hole in the market for products that people actually need to assist with their every day lives. There are many products available that people want (their wish lists are long! trust us!) but there is a real struggle to find the products they actually need which would make life so much better for them.

Just recently my ex mother-in-law, that I am still very friendly with and love very much, told me of a problem that she had with a nasty rash under her breasts. This is a very common problem in a lot of elderly ladies. As we age, our skin gets thinner and often elderly ladies don't like a bra that is firm or a bra that a younger person may like as they can feel "scratchy" on older skin. This results in lots of older ladies wearing a bra that is either too big, not supportive enough or, in some cases, no bra at all which then creates a "skin on skin" problem. Most nursing homes or hospitals are also quite warm meaning the ladies are more likely to get a heat rash under their breasts, quite a common problem.   

That's where we can help. I told her that we had the perfect solution for her and that we had fixed this problem for many customers over the years. For the day time I recommended our full figure body bra, perfect for during the day as its made with the softest cotton, so comfortable, non under-wire, and very absorbent.  Then at night, I suggested she use our leisure bra, which is also very comfortable and works well as a sleep bra, keeping the breast from touching the body.  

Armed with these bras, I went over to her nursing home and fitted her properly. Well, she was very skeptical to say the least as to whether or not just changing her bra would help alleviate the rash  "I don't believe these will actually work on me!" But after only a few days of wearing her new bra's she realised what a massive difference being properly fitted and wearing a sleep bra to bed could make to her life. Her rash disappeared (as did itchiness and discomfort) and she is now as comfy as ever and happy as lamb!  - All you have to do is ask ladies and we will help you find the solution!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,

15th August 2016 

How fabulous is this weather we have been experiencing the last few days! The sun is shining which makes us extra excited for Spring and all our gorgeous new stock which has been arriving in store daily.We have been busy busy here at Lisa's Lacies cutting and sewing, posting orders and assisting all of our beautiful customers with their lingerie needs.

We have been waiting and waiting for the new Panache Blue Oddessy Bra to come in and it has finally arrived! We absolutely love this bra and we know that it will sell out very quickly! Even the staff love it the most out of all of the colors this particular Panache has ever come in. This bra goes up to size 18GG and starts at 8D. The bra is backed by the Australian Institute of Sport and it elimates 83% of bounce in the breast. Such a fabulous bra.

Oh and did you see our recent post about Lisa's Lacies getting in on the Pokemon craze!? You know you've made it when you're a PokeStop for an internationally popular game! Haha! Forget all of the media coverage, forget about being in business for 21 years, forget all that we do for charity...that is all out the window! Pokemon are here and so is Lisa's Lacies! Lol!

Have a fabulous week gorgeous people,